Metal Watercolour Tin Palette


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 Metal Watercolour Tin Palette  

This Empty Metal Watercolour tin palette will hold 12 half pans or 6 full pans. Enjoy creating your own custom set of watercolours.The enamelled metal tin has two sides that fold out of the palette, which creates extra space for mixing colours. One side has two large mixing squares and the other has 4 reasonably sized slightly slanted mixing wells. The whole internal panel is removable to reveal access to a further 4 extra wells for colour mixing.  The box also has a thumb ring for ease of use and comfortable mixing.

★ Material: Enamelled metal

★ Size 12.5 x 7.2 x 2.5cm

★ Durable, Portable and easy to clean.

★ Great space for colour mixing 

★ Palette is washable, with a smooth surface and stain resistant.

★ Sturdy, reusable and durable 

★ Colour: As shown